Parimatch Jet-X Game in India

If you love crash game gambling in India, you should definitely try the Parimatch Jet-X casino game. You need to bet on the flight of a jet. As in other crash games, the longer the aircraft is in flight, the higher the multiplier becomes.

Your task is to make cash out in time before the jet flies off the gaming field. Join Parimatch IN today and begin playing the top crash game in Indian rupees.

Jet-X crash game available at Parimatch India
Parimatch demo Jet-X

How to play Jet-X in Parimatch

Before you begin gambling on Parimatch Jet-X in India, you need to take a few simple steps. To make it more convenient for you, you can use the following step-by-step instructions:

  1. Step 1
    Visit the official Parimatch website

    Launch any browser convenient for you and proceed to the official Parimatch website.

  2. Step 2
    Sign up or log in on Parimatch

    Register and pick the gambling welcome bonus for Parimatch Jet-X or sign in if you have a profile.

  3. Step 3
    Complete the initial top-up on Parimatch

    Complete the initial top-up using any transaction method convenient for you, and collect the sign-up gift.

  4. Step 4
    Click on Instant Games on Parimatch

    Click on Instant Games in the site header, scroll down, and go to Crash Games.

  5. Step 5
    Find the Jet-X game on Parimatch

    In the top games of this page, you will find Parimatch Smartsoft Gaming Jet-X. To start the game, click on it.

  6. Step 6
    Start betting in INR on Parimatch

    Start betting in INR and expect potential big winnings

What is the Jet-X Game

This is a unique instant game that is provided by the Smartsoft Gaming software developer. The game was developed in 2019, and immediately gained popularity. The Parimatch Jet-X game has many interesting features, and the gameplay is extremely simple.

Before the start of the round, players place a bet and wait for the jet to take off. When the round begins, a coefficient appears in the middle of the screen and begins to grow rapidly.

Your task is to take your winnings and cash out before the jet falls. This can happen at any time, and in this case, the bet is completely lost.

Information about Jet-X game on Parimatch

How does the Jet-X Game work

Parimatch JetX works on the True Random Number Generator (TRNG) that uses quantum calculations to determine rounds’ outcomes. No one can interfere with the results, and you can be sure everything works fairly.

The mechanisms used in Jet-X game on Parimatch

Parimatch Jet-X Game Information

The game appeared in 2019 and immediately became one of the most popular instant games on the Indian gambling market. Players like Parimatch betting Jet-X game because of the simple and addictive gameplay, the presence of a large number of features, as well as a user-friendly interface that makes it convenient to use various strategies and customize the game for yourself.

Information about Parimatch Jet-X game available in India
Game TypeInstant Game
Hindi Language SupportYes
DeveloperSmartsoft Gaming
Release DateJanuary 2019
Minimum Bet1 INR
Mobile AppYes, for iOS and Android

Jet-X Game Features and Functions in Parimatch India

The Parimatch Jet-X online game has a number of functions that would be useful for you to know about before you start playing. When you enter the game you will see an interface with various settings, but don’t worry, as everything is quite simple.

  • RTP Jet-X


    This is an acronym that is short for Return to Player. This parameter is calculated as a percentage. In the case of Parimatch Jet X, the RTP is 98.8%, which is quite a high figure.

    Return to Player shows a percentage of how much money will be returned to all gamblers in the long term. For example, for 100 INR spent, the game gives back 98.8 INR. Remember that it applies to all players at once, so winnings are not guaranteed.

  • Volatility Jet-X


    This parameter shows the correlation between the frequency of winnings and the amount you can receive. However, it is not possible to determine the volatility for Parimatch Jet-X India due to the fact that each player uses different tactics. Thus, each gambler has their own volatility in this crash game.

  • Game chat Jet-X

    Game chat

    The Parimatch Jet-X chat is located in the lower-right corner of the game interface. With the help of it, you can communicate with other users in Hindi, exchange strategies, and so on.

  • Statistics Jet-X


    Thanks to this area, you can evaluate the bets of other players. On the left side of the Parimatch Jet X interface, you can view the history of multipliers, and on the right, there are statistics directly.

    You can view current stakes, your bets, and the daily, weekly, and monthly statistics. The user’s name is displayed, the bet they made, the winning amount, and what the multiplier was at the time of winning.

  • Two bets Jet-X

    Two bets

    When you launch Parimatch Jet-X, you will find that at the bottom of the interface, there are 2 Place Your Bet buttons. Accordingly, you can place 2 bets per round in this instant game.

    They do not have to be the same, that is, you can make 2 bets that are completely different in amount. Moreover, it is possible to withdraw them at different times. This adds convenience and variety to Indian users’ strategies.

  • Automatic bets Jet-X

    Automatic bets

    This is another convenient feature that was introduced by the developers of Parimatch JetX. You can turn on the option to automatically bet in the amount you specify in advance.

    In addition, you can also enable the auto cashout feature, which will automatically withdraw your winnings when you reach a certain coefficient. Thanks to these two functions, you can fully automate the gameplay.

Jet-X Demo

This mode is an extremely useful option provided by the developer of Parimatch Jet-X. With the help of it, beginners can try out the game, practice, and understand whether it suits them. Those who are experienced users can also benefit from this mode, as they can test strategies they haven’t used before, try out new tips, etc.

The demo mode completely repeats the functionality of the main version. Indian players are given 20,000 virtual credits which they can use to bet on Jet-X.

Play Jet-X demo on Parimatch India

How to play Demo in Parimatch IN

Playing the demo mode is no more difficult than playing the main version of the game. However, so that you can start betting as quickly as possible, this short guide has been compiled:

  1. Open the home page of the official Parimatch site.
  2. Log in to the pre-created personal account by clicking on Login in the upper right corner and entering the required data.
  3. Go to Instant Games located on the right side of the header.
  4. Scroll down, open Crash Games, and then launch the Jet-X game.
  5. At the bottom of the interface, there is a light gray inscription Try Demo. Click on it.
  6. You will start a demo mode in which you can try out the Parimatch Jet-X game for free.
Instructions on playing Jet-X demo version on Parimatch

Parimatch Jet X Tournaments

From time to time, Parimatch holds tournaments among Indian players in the Jet-X game. The essence of such competitions is to score more points than your opponents. Winners receive luxurious rewards, ranging from bonuses in INR to material gifts. To participate, users only need to play Parimatch Jet-X.

Tournaments for Jet-X players on Parimatch India

Jet-X Betting Tips

Even if you know how to play crash games, it would be a good idea to pay attention to some tips. They can’t guarantee you’ll win, but they can improve your chances of winning real money when playing Parimatch Jet-X. Here are some of them:

  • Live Chat. With the help of it, you can communicate with other, more experienced players, and exchange strategies and other tips, which can positively affect your chances of winning;
  • Demo Mode. Be sure to test the strategies in free mode before you start playing for INR. This way you can determine the relevance of the tactics you are going to use;
  • Reasonableness. Allocate a certain amount that you are willing to spend on gambling, the loss of which will not harm your financial condition. Do not go beyond this sum, and adhere to the principles of responsible gambling;
  • Insurance Bets. You can make two bets and put the cashout point lower on one of them than on the other. This way, if you lose your second bet, you will still have certain winnings.
Tips and advice for betting on Jet-X game on Parimatch

Jet-X strategies

For Parimatch betting Jet-X, you can use various strategies that can increase your chances of winning real money in Indian rupees. Many of them are actively utilized by Indian players.

  • Low-Risk Jet-X


    This tactic is an excellent option for beginners. Using a Low-Risk strategy for Parimatch Jet-X includes orientating on small multipliers. You can withdraw manually or set it to auto-cashout for convenience. You can start with at least 1.1x but do not exceed the 1.5x coefficient.

  • Medium-Risk Jet-X


    This is another famous strategy for the Parimatch Jet-X game. Many players prefer it because it is balanced between low and high risk. Mid-risk strategy involves setting the average coefficient for automatic cashout, for example from 2x to 3.5x. Unlike the previous tactic, Indian players may need a larger bankroll.

  • High-Risk Jet-X


    This is the riskiest strategy for Parimatch Jet-X. Use it only at your own risk. From time to time, a large multiplier can be caught in the game, up to 100x or more. As you can imagine, this does not happen often, so bets can lead to both large losses and huge winnings.

  • Martingale Jet-X


    This strategy is quite common and is aimed at winning back lost funds. The essence of the Martingale strategy is that you double your bet if you lose. As you understand, it is better to start with small stakes, otherwise you risk losing all your money quickly. Also, this strategy works best if you use the same multiplier for cashout.

    For example, you bet 100 INR. If you lose, multiply the amount by two and bet 200 INR. If you are unsuccessful again, now bet 400 INR, and so on until you win once. Then, you can return to the original bet amount.

Jet-X mobile app from Parimatch

The developers of Parimatch Jet-X game India have made sure that you can make bets from your mobile devices. The game was developed using modern HTML5 and JS standards and is greatly optimized.

Mobile users can play via iOS or Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. For the Parimatch application to work correctly, you will need a stable Internet connection through Wi-Fi or 4G/5G.

Play Jet-X on Android and iOS using the Parimatch mobile app


Every Indian user can download the application on their Android gadget without any problem. For convenience, you can use these instructions:

  1. Allow installation of applications from third-party sources if you have not done so previously.
  2. Proceed to the official Parimatch site.
  3. Open the burger menu in the top-left corner, and open the Mobile Apps tab.
  4. Scan the QR code using your Android device.
  5. The APK will start downloading. Wait for it to finish.
  6. Run the downloaded file and install applications following the on-screen prompts.
  7. Open it on your desktop and sign in to the account.
  8. Start Parimatch betting Jet-X from your mobile gadget and try to win INR.
Jet-X game available on Parimatch app for Android


There is also a Parimatch Jet-X app for iOS. Here’s a short guide that describes how you can add it to your desktop:

  1. Take your iPhone or iPad and open Safari.
  2. Go to the official site of the casino.
  3. Find the Mobile Apps tab in the main menu.
  4. Scan the QR code for iOS.
  5. Confirm you want to download and install the app.
  6. Select a name that will be displayed under the icon, for instance, Parimatch JetX.
  7. Tap the blue Add sign, and you’re done.
Jet-X game available on Parimatch app for iOS

Parimatch Banking Options for playing the Jet-X game

This site provides players from India with the opportunity to use convenient local transaction options for deposits and cashouts from Parimatch Jet-X. All transactions are secure, so you don’t have to worry. Make top-ups and get payouts using the following options:

  • UPI;
  • Paytm;
  • PhonePe;
  • AstroPay;
  • Netbanking;
  • Cryptocurrency.
Jet-X banking options available on Parimatch India

What makes this game so special

This crash game has some different aspects that make it unique, and the most notable of them are mentioned below.

The distinguishing features of Parimatch Jet-X game

Game Process Automation

Thanks to features like Auto-Cashout and Auto-Bet, you can fully automate the gameplay and simply watch every round.

Game Process Automation on Jet-X game on Parimatch

Variety of Strategies

The game provides the opportunity to use various strategies like those described above in order to increase the chances of winning.

The variety of strategies to use while playing Jet-X on Parimatch

True Random Number Generator

This is a special algorithm that ensures the fairness of each round in Parimatch Jet-X. You can also use this technology to check whether the round was truly fair.

True Random Number Generator algorithm used by Jet-X game on Parimatch

What to do if you have problems with the game

Without a doubt, in this case, you need to contact the customer care team. Support agents are available 24/7 and are always happy to help you solve your problem or answer your questions. Feel free to contact them using any method convenient for you.

At the bottom of the burger menu, there is a Support tab, where you will find all contact information.

Customer support services for Jet-X players on Parimatch India


What is the best strategy for the Parimatch Jet-X online game?

There is no such tactic; each strategy does not guarantee wins. However, some of the most popular are low-risk and Martingale strategies.

What is the maximum bet that can be made in the Jet-X game?

In Parimatch Jet X, you can bet up to 50,000 INR per bet (100,000 INR per two bets).

How can I use the multipliers’ history?

It is needed purely for information purposes. The outcome of each round in Parimatch Jet-X is completely random, so don’t try to look for patterns.