Parimatch Responsible Gaming

As gambling has become increasingly popular in India, new problems have arisen for society. Gaming addiction significantly affects the mental and physical health of gamblers, their reputation, and their relationships with colleagues, family, and friends. Parimatch India strives to make services and conditions on the official website and Parimatch mobile app safe and comfortable for all users.

All steps taken by the casino are associated with the principles of responsible gaming. For example, employees inform users about the negative impact of gambling and provide valuable advice and professional assistance. At the same time, the company carefully monitors the activity of gamers and, if necessary, stops them from playing.

Responsible gaming policy at Parimatch India

Restriction of minors

Parimatch India only accepts users who are at least 18 years of age. Employees have the right to request the necessary documents from the gambler to confirm their age. In addition, the company does not use any tools in relation to minors and does not distribute advertising to them.

The casino calls on adults to cooperate with them in the field of protecting minors. For example, parents who gamble should keep their profile login information in a safe place. In addition, they can install a special filter program in the browser that will hide unwanted content. Parents should also conduct a dialogue with their minor children, explaining the dangers of gambling.

Restrictions for minors used at Parimatch in India


Some users may not even realize that they have lost control of the game and their behavior has changed significantly. Parimatch IN suggests they answer several questions to identify early signs of addiction:

  • Have you ever missed work because you visited the online site of Parimatch?
  • Do you bet to avoid life’s problems?
  • Has your reputation worsened due to visiting the online casino?
  • Do you feel irritated if something or someone prevents you from placing a bet?
  • If you lose, do you try to win back at any cost?
  • Have you ever borrowed money to place a bet?
  • Are you spending more time on the gaming site than you planned?
  • Do you hide your gambling hobby from friends or relatives?

Users can find additional questions and symptoms on the site or Gamblers Anonymous organization.

The ways to diagnose gambling addiction at Parimatch

How to maintain control

Being a responsible Indian player requires effort. Parimatch suggests learning some tips for maintaining control:

  • Before you start playing, set a budget in INR that you can afford;
  • In your account settings, set the deposit limit for a day, week, or month;
  • Consider gambling as a way to have fun, not make money;
  • Do not visit the gambling site if you are in a bad mood or intoxicated;
  • Take breaks and devote enough time to hobbies, friends, and family;
  • Never borrow Indian rupees to bet.
Tips on maintaining control while gambling on Parimatch India


If the game is no longer fun, the user wants to take a break, or has been diagnosed with a gaming addiction, then they can use the self-exclusion feature. To do this, the Indian player must make a corresponding request to customer support and select a restriction period from 6 months to 1 year.

During this period, the gambler will not be able to make a deposit, place bets, and will not receive advertising mailings. During self-exclusion, Parimatch India recommends players seek professional help and undergo therapy. Please note that during a temporary account freeze, the user is prohibited from creating a second profile. The company is not responsible if the player suffers losses as a result of creating an account in another online casino.

Self-exclusion options available at Parimatch in India